With Corrosion Control Cocoons

Our vapor corrosion inhibiting cocoons emit molecules that settle on the metal surface of your car or motorcycle and form an invisible layer that protects that surface from rust and corrosion. The vapors prevent the electrochemical oxidation process caused by moisture, oxygen and contaminants in the atmosphere.


Why Buy From Us?

We take pride in classic cars or anything on wheels! We feel it is important that our customers understand what VCI technology is and how it sets our products apart from other competitors' products available on the market. This technology is not new, but new to this particular market, and we are here to make it available to those of you who appreciate the very best for your car and motorcycle. 

To simplify it, most car covers you Google will be waterproof/sun proof and made of some cloth type material. Our car cocoons stand above the rest. While a bit more expensive, these will last for a lifetime and are worth the investment to keep your ride looking brand new.


Our Mission
Corrosion Control Cocoons is a family owned, small business who prides itself on outstanding customer service. Our goal is to combine science and chemical engineering to build quality and dependable car and motorcycle cocoons you can rely on for years to come.

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Contact Us!

We are constantly working to raise the bar on our service standards. If you have any questions about our cocoons, please feel reach out to us and you will get a response between 24-48 hours.